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Winning Track Record

BH Thoroughbreds has won top prizes in over 50% of races that they have competed in.

Beach Haven (BH) Thoroughbreds brings partners together to share ownership and costs associated with owning elite thoroughbred horses and competing at the highest level of racing.

We have the best interest in both our owners and horses. Our team consists of the top trainers, vets and jockeys in the country along with a passionate and experienced management group.

Beach Haven, NJ- the Queen City, known for its beautiful beach and rich history, is a place that our teams families have been vacationing at for many years. So long in fact that their kids practically learned how to walk…on the sand of Beach Haven.

In determining a name for the company, we quickly thought back to our beautiful memories at LBI. We needed a name that embodied fun and excitement and a company that connected people to memorable times and quality experiences, and voila- Beach Haven Thoroughbreds was born.


Watching these horses develop into stars from the moment they are purchased.


We value our owners through open communication and complete transparency.


Our team consists of top quality management, trainers, vets and jockeys.


We screen our thoroughbreds and closely study our horses’ breeding and racing background.


Experience the action of the race and the thrill of the competition each and every time.


Our team is always available to answer any questions that you may have.
“Our mission is to provide owners with a rewarding experience through our dedicated team that share the love, admiration and excitement for thoroughbred racing.”


All-Access Pass including the paddock and celebrate in the winner’s circle.

Communal country club experience.

Compete at the highest levels of thoroughbred racing.

Personal attention and open communication.

Licensed (Become licensed with our easy step-by-step process).

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